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How to Jumpstart Your Day

Having another lousy day?  The problem might be in the way you started it. Whether you work from home or go into an office, how you begin your day has lasting benefits until the time you end it.  So besides waking up, what is your morning routine?

How to Make Stress a Healthy Behavior

No one today would argue with me that most Americans are overly stressed. Technology, feeling the need to immediately return text and emails, and the pace at which we live today has created an epidemic of chronic stress and mental fatigue. In fact, between 60 percent and 80 percent of doctor visits today are a result of this chronic stress....

I am Pre-Diabetic too

Boy, did I get a surprise last week. My doctor’s office called to say my blood work came back fine except for my A1C test — the one that provides information about a person’s average level of blood glucose (blood sugar) over the past three months. It is the primary test used to determine if you are pre-diabetic or have...

What is the Biggest Challenge You Face with Your Health?

One of the main reasons I experienced the fight of my life with breast cancer a decade ago is chronic stress.  I had jogged, been active most of my life and kept my weight under control but I got cancer. Why?

Why Diets Don’t Work

Lately I’ve been hearing from many clients that the only way to lose weight is to eat lots of protein and cut carbs. “How is a diet that limits many of the foods you love like pasta, crusty French bread, alcohol, etc. going to work long term?” I ask them. “Isn’t enjoying good food with family and friends one of...

What’s the Secret to Success?

I recently read an article by designer Tory Burch about how growing up playing sports, in particular tennis, helped her develop her successful fashion career.  As an entrepreneur myself, I appreciated her analogy since I too grew up playing tennis, swimming and running.

What’s Better than Treating a Chronic Disease? Never Getting it!

Last week, I attended the 15th annual Chronic Disease Prevention Symposium for one of my clients — the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.  It was two days of up-to-date research and information on how to prevent a variety of health problems.  These include hypertension control, brain health to include Alzheimer’s and dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure, inflammation control,...

Has Stress Zapped Your Joy From Life?

We all have stress, but one of the best ways to manage it is to first become aware of it. To help build your awareness of stress and its impact on your life, try the practice of “mindfulness.”

Now is the Time to Eat Your Leafy Greens

We actually are having winter this year in the Lowcountry even though freezes have been few and far between.  That means the grocery shelves should still be full of fresh greens. If not, check out local farmers markets, especially if you’re looking for tasty kale, chard and collards. Packed with vitamin A, C, K and E, these vegetables are also...

How You Can Make the World a More Loving Place

Have a healthy Valentine’s Day! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, the day that most of us pause to think about who we love and who loves us. It’s a day to reach out to others to let them know we care. Expressing your love is also good for your health. Each time you give of yourself to those you love, you...

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