Physical Environment

Physical Environment
  • When you walk in your home, does clutter add to your stress level?
  • Do you think if your office was better organized, you’d be more productive? 

The environments you regularly inhabit affect your well-being and can impact your overall health for better or worse. Science suggests that your surroundings at work and at home can nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. These include:

  • Creating a more nurturing, healthy environment that enlivens each of the senses. Creating a special place to do your mind-body practices.
  • Arranging spaces and selecting furniture to support your body.
  • Exploring options for addressing concerns you may have about toxic exposure, safety, noise, clutter, and other aspects of your environment.

We’ll focus on those aspects of your physical environment that you can change so they support and nurture your health:

  • Your Community
  • Your Workplace
  • Your Home