Products and Services

Below are some of the packages and programs I offer, but please keep in mind that my commitment is to help you get the results you’re looking for, and I will require a 1-1 conversation before allowing you to get started in a program so that I can be sure it will give you what you need.

My Vitality Now program is a  6-month package.

Jump Start Your Health program is a  2 – month package.

So What the Heck Do I Do?  So glad you asked! I work individually with women who are dealing with some of the issues that come up as we age such as:

  • Weight Gain.
  • Stress Managment.
  • Re-Discovering your Life’s Purpose.
  • Motivation or Time to Exercise.
  • Lack or Quality of Sleep.

Some of the things I can help women achieve include natural long-term weight loss without ever feeling deprived, increased energy, focus and concentration, reduced stress and great sleep.