• Do you have a sense of having a purpose in the world?
  • Do you feel connected to others and a higher power?
  • Does your personal spirituality bring you comfort?

Developing a deep understanding of the purpose and meaning in life benefits all aspects of physical and emotional health. Religion, prayer, and spiritual connections have been shown to enhance health and well-being. Exploring your current spiritual beliefs may help you determine whether one or more practices might enhance your health and well-being.

Individual understanding of spirituality frequently comes from personal experiences of deep connection, meaning, and purpose. For some, religion and spirituality are synonymous. For others, spirituality is quite distinct from organized religion. No matter what your definition of spirituality, the role it plays in your life can transform your health.

For many people, spirituality is at the core of their being; it is a central component of how they experience life and see the world. If this is the case for you, considering spirituality in the context of your health is critical.