Your Wellness?

  • Are you a successful woman over 50 whose energy wanes, you don’t sleep well and stress never allows you enough time to relax?
  • Is your weight steadily increasing yet you find little time or enjoyment in exercising?
  • Are you too busy taking care of others that you often forget or feel too exhausted to take care of yourself?
  • Are you ready to get on track with your health but not sure where to start?

You don’t have to figure it out on your own! Discover how to kick a bad habit once and for all. Learn to enjoy eating healthy foods and how to exercise for fun. Regain your joy in life and have the energy to participate fully in all the activities of a healthy, successful, vibrant woman.

I enjoy working with women who want to get “off the hamster wheel” and live life with purpose. Together we get at the root causes of what isn’t working in their own health and lives.

As a certified Integrative Health Coach, and a graduate of Duke University’s health coaching program, I know results matter. We’ll use the Wheel of Health, created by Duke Integrative Medicine, as a framework to help you achieve the lasting results you want in all areas of your health while still enjoying the things you love. We won’t avoid certain foods or follow strict diets. The word “diet” in Greek means a “way of life” not deprivation. It’s not about a number on a scale but creating a way of life you love living!


–Waking up in the morning feeling well rested and healthier.
–Traveling and being active with your spouse and friends… participating fully and feeling fit.
–Having the energy to take better care of yourself and others while feeling more in charge of your life.

At Wellness Beyond Fifty, we assess your current and desired states in each of the seven key areas of your health to determine where you are now and where you want to go in the future.

We all know that nothing changes unless we take action. Take the next simple step toward living your life to the fullest. —  click here to schedule your complimentary wellness breakthrough session.