How To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

A pregnant woman practicing prenatal yoga in a park, embodying wellness and fitness during pregnancy.
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Our 2023 Health Living group started last week-eight motivated women with the same goal: The desire to get healthy and stay that way primarily by losing weight and keeping it off. But it takes more than individual will power to make this happen. The key is having a qualified health coach for guidance, inspiration and motivation all combined with a group for support. Eight clients and one coach, all motivated and working as one. A perfect dynamic.

These ladies are smart. They who know that accountability is a powerful motivator in a group setting. They understand the value of learning and sharing together to reach their individual goals. And they trust their health coach to understand what it takes to change behaviors. Their reward? To enjoy the benefits of being lighter, looking better, healthier and full of energy for the rest of their lives.

Losing weight gets more difficult with age, and keeping it off even more demanding. Only 20 percent of people who lose weight maintain losses for more than a year. But with skill power, permanent change is possible.

Sustained weight loss is far more that eating fewer calories and avoiding certain foods. It’s about genetics, food choices, environment, stress reduction and better sleep habits, and not necessarily in that order. The program addresses all these issues, and once you have the skills to handle them, they are no longer obstacles.

Ready to get the weight off right now? Absolutely. But there is no quick fix for lasting results. All those extra pounds were years in the making, although they might seem to have arrived overnight. So, don’t be fooled. Whether you’re trying to lose 10 pounds or 50 pounds, slow and steady is far more effective for permanent weight loss.

Why? Because gradual weight loss doesn’t cause extreme changes in your rate of metabolism and fluctuations of your hunger hormones. By slowly and wisely losing weight over time, your metabolism continues to work for you. Remember, a β€œstarvation diet” or quick weight loss plan only makes matters worse. You might drop pounds rapidly at first, but they are sure to return with a vengeance. You’ve slowed your metabolism. On top of that you’ve reduced your levels of the hunger controlling hormone, Leptin, and increased the other hunger hormone, Ghrelin, the one that tells your body it needs to eat.

My group health coaching programs take time for a good reason. But they are highly effective in getting lasting results if one applies their new skills and sticks with the program. Ask any of my past clients.

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