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Gardening for Wellness

It is no secret that whole foods are the key to good health. Many people have turned to their own yards to grow the fruits and vegetables required for good nutrition. Not only are you able to see the fruits of your labor grow and flourish, but gardening can also burn up to 400 calories an hour! Get growing.


Need an accountability partner?

People often ask me what a health coach can do for them. See what one recent client had to say:

” She kept me on task and her guidance, support and positive attitude were invaluable. I have incorporated many of the changes we made together in my daily life and it feels great! Even small changes can make a big difference. We all know what we’re supposed to do. But having a partner that makes you accountable for actually doing them really makes the difference. I would recommend Lisa highly for anyone wants to change their life for the better.”



What’s the best exercise program for me?

  • A program that fits your lifestyle, including activities you love, so you can stick with it for a long time.
  • A well-rounded program with aerobic, strength training, and balance exercises.
  • A program that starts with your current level of fitness and takes into account any previous injuries or current limitations.
  • A program that keeps your routines fresh and keeps you motivated.

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Family During the Holidays

1.) Put away all bitterness.

I can preach this one to myself while I’m at it. If you go into the season with a chip on your shoulder because of something that happened over the summer or even last Christmas–this Christmas will be ruined. Trust me, I have single-handedly ruined a holiday because of my own little bitter chip. Bitterchip. Bitterchip. Try saying that ten times fast.

The best thing to do with a bitterchip is to resolve the issue and forgive. Put the sucker away! And where there’s still tension, show grace. Lots and lots of it. When you do that: two things happen. 1. You get rid of all your bitter feelings. 2. You learn to love them in spite of your differences.